VIP construction and real estate is one of VIP HOLDING, active in real estate and construction sectors, owns several ready and underconstruction projects and supervises a number of other projects in the most important cities and tourist areas in Turkey.

Our company builds and develops luxurious projects and offers villas and homes in the most beautiful Turkish cities, at the most appropriate prices, and with the best construction standards and safety in the world, relying on the latest innovative technologies in this field, to mix simple quiet life, and useful advanced technology, to make our company a leading icon in the field of construction and real estate.

The main goal of our company has always been building projects to make life more valuable and happier, with the purpose of achieve a better life for the residents. to reach this noble goal, our company has created many projescts that fulfill your dreams and aspirations in the Sea of Marmara region and especially in Bursa.

VIP , as a specialized company in property and real estate development, realaizes that the spaces in which we live directly affect our lives and our standard of living, according to that, we develop high quality projects, where everything is carefully prethought, and every detail is taken into consideration, to be implemented with absolute dedication and finite precision, depending on our capabilities and long experience, Using the latest technology solutions , integrated with the place where you will live, to make this place more beautiful and more comfortable for you and your family.

We always work for a brighter future , and a better life for your children in your dream home.


We always work to make life happier and more valuable, and to be a leading company giving priority to human life and the environment where we live, we get this is done by building unique places to live, taking into consideration high standards of living, by building a developed infrastructure based on technology, at the lowest costs.


We work to fulfil the happiest moments , and for this goal we Always work hard to achieve proactive experiences in the world of construction and real estate. Where it summarizes our work to build lively spaces and fill them with creativity and innovation, to turn them into unique places that bring happiness and pleasure to your hearts, so we gain your trust And your satisfaction, and in order to achieve this, we rely on experienced and specialized staff with extensive experience in order to provide the highest level of services to our customers.


Our company was established on the values and goals that we believe that achieve our success and continuity, the values that we believe in are honesty and transparency , and always working to gain confidence and satisfaction in order to be your starting point towards a better future because sincerity and dedication always lead to success. The spirit of creativity, interdependence and the level of responsibility of our employees enjoy is our basis of pride for us all the time.


VIP CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE always seeks for innovation and development in order to play a pioneering role in building the future of our homeland and developing our societies.